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Teachers' One Day Rocketry Workshops 2017

These One Day Workshops are  tailored for Teachers, who will

learn how to deliver a Rocketry program at their school. You will also hear  all you need to know about Schools Rocketry Challenge Contests  (eg launching a rocket carrying a payload and a digital altimeter to a target altitude, recovering the payload intact!) 

Topics covered include:

• Brief History of Rockets
• How to Build a Rocket - Parts and their Purpose
• Example Class Activities
• Forces at Work
• Applying the Laws of Motion
• Using Software - for Rocket Design and Construction
• Using Software - for Simulating Flight
• Water Rockets
• Rocket Propellant- Can I Make It?
• Rocket Stability 
• Construction Hints
• Safety Procedures
• Launch Analysis (Calculating Altitude and Speed)
• Schools Rocketry Contests

Dates:   Wellington - Friday 17 November 2017 

Time:   8.45am - 4.30pm

Venue: Onslow College

Cost: Small catering fee, otherwise FREE, courtesy of the US Embassy ESTH Programme

Register HereApologies, however registrations for this workshop are now closed. Queries: or phone 0274 932 766